Children's Speech & Language Therapy in Buckinghamshire


Remote Therapy Project

In the Spring Term 2015 the Buckinghamshire SLT Service will be evaluating the use of Skype to deliver therapy sessions in Schools. The SLT Service has already obtained consent from the parents of 24 children attending 21 different schools across the county. The children range in age from 5 to 16 years and have a range of communication difficulties. Each child will be seen individually face-to-face for one Half Term and receive their individual therapy via Skype in the other Half Term. All of the therapy will focus on the same targets and the child’s level of engagement will be closely monitored. If after 2 sessions of Skype therapy, the child is unable to participate effectively, the therapy will revert to face-to-face sessions. The project will be evaluated in the Summer Term by the Buckinghamshire SLT Assistive Technology Team in collaboration with Bucks New University, which is linked to the Centre of Excellence for Telehealth and Assisted Living, CETAL. The results will be reported in the Autumn Term 2015.

Last updated: 14 January, 2015