Children's Speech & Language Therapy in Buckinghamshire


New Mainstream Service

The new SLT Service for children from 0 – 19 years has now been running for a full school term. Each of the Therapists has been working within one of the 6 geographical clusters:

  • Aylesbury
  • Buckingham
  • Chiltern
  • South Bucks
  • Wycombe North
  • Wycombe South

The Therapists are working in:

  • Children’s Centres
  • Early Years Settings
  • Primary schools
  • Secondary schools

There are very few services being delivered in health centres as this reduces the need for parents to take time off work, avoids children missing important teaching sessions within their setting and makes liaison between the SLTs and the teaching staff far easier and more effective.

Link SLTs have been assigned to each Children’s Centre, primary and secondary school to:

  • Meet with the SENCo on a termly basis to discuss any children who may have communication difficulties
  • Decide whether or not the child should be referred to the SLT Service
  • Assess children on site in their educational setting
  • Deliver speech and language therapy according to the child’s individual needs

Teaching staff are reporting that they really appreciate:

  • Knowing who to speak to about any children with communication difficulties within their setting
  • The informal training they are receiving on site which is developing their knowledge around specific areas of communication and skills to support children effectively: “You’ve been a real beacon in a difficult term”
  • The new report format which provides clear targets for the settings to work on with the children: “This is a really useful SMART target for us”

Parents have been appreciative of:

  • Therapists visiting schools and EY settings in place of having to take their child out of school and travel to attend appointments in clinics
  • The quality of communication between the SLTs and the teaching staff
  • Their children’s greater enjoyment of new ways of working e.g. groups

The Therapists are enjoying:

  • Building good working relationships with the teaching staff in the settings
  • Demonstrating communication strategies and delivering training to enable LSAs to carry out effective carry-over work between SLT sessions
  • Working with children on site in their educational setting where there are far greater opportunities for effective liaison with teaching staff
  • Working in EY settings and schools which facilitates smooth transitions between settings

The Service has successfully recruited a number of staff over the Autumn Term and is therefore hopeful that every setting will have full access to the mainstream SLT Service from the beginning of the Spring Term 2015.

Last updated: 21 July, 2015