Children's Speech & Language Therapy in Buckinghamshire


New Flexible Service

The Buckinghamshire Speech and Language Therapy Service has introduced a new flexible way of working in order to reflect a child’s individual needs, deliver effective outcomes and allow time for schools to gather evidence of therapy impact.

The school will have been provided with a number of SMART targets to work on with the child and a School Intervention Record Form to record the work they have done and the progress the child has made. This ensures that a rigorous process of target-setting, practice and evidence-gathering is adhered to and lets the school take the lead in requesting new targets as soon as the child has achieved the ones they were given to work on.

When school have worked on the targets and completed the School Intervention Record Form they should:
1. Get parent signature for their consent for their child to be seen again by the Speech and Language Therapist
2. Ensure that the feedback is complete with evidence and outcomes clearly stated
3. The SENCo to give the form/s back directly to their Link Therapist (or by post)
4. The child will then be seen within one term to reassess and/or provide new targets and advice

If the school has any concerns about their ability to work on any of the targets, this can be discussed at the Termly SLT Link Meeting and/or when the SLT is next in the school.

The parents will receive a copy of the targets at the same time they are sent to the school. Parents are encouraged to contact the Link SLT, whose name and contact details will be provided together with the targets, if they wish to discuss ways in which they can support their child to achieve the targets at home or any concerns regarding their child’s communication.

An online survey is being used as part of a Service Review. We would welcome any feedback about the current service delivery and/or ways in which it can be improved here.

Last updated: 17 September, 2015